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Okay, I've done a few things today. Deciding to not go through the Seafoam Islands, I just flew to Saffron and Surfed south towards Cinabar Island, XD. Once there, I put my two Water-Psychics to the training in the Cinabar Mansion.

Ironically enough, I came across the mighty Magmar twice!!! Annoying this is because back when I first played the game in the 90's, I completely missed Magmar, and when I actually did go looking for one, it took me like two days to find the thing! And now I find him twice, and I'm not even supposed to catch him, heh. But he did give nice experience to Slowpoke.

It was easy enough deciding which of the seven not to use against the gym: Exeggcute. :D
I didn't bother answering the questions, as instead I just swept all the junior trainers with Slowpoke. This is because I intend to make him a Slowbro before I reach Indigo Plateau. So, as I said before, Fire Types refuse to use Fire attacks on Water-Types, so Slowpoke had a blast!

I then went up to Viridian City and challenged the gym there. I mainly used my Pokemon with dual-types that had the advantage: Starmie, Slowpoke, and my newly evolved Exeggutor! Defeating Giovanni was actually easier than I thought thanks to Exeggutor's Hypnosis and Leech Seed. =D

And now I'm on my way to the next rematch with Gary, as I begin the trek up to the Plateau.

Current Team

Level 31
-Ice Beam

Level 35
-Dream Eater

Level 34
-Seismic Toss

Level 28
-Lovely Kiss

Level 30
-Body Slam
-Fire Blast

Level 30
-Mega Drain
-Egg Bomb
-Leech Seed

[In PC]
Level 34
-Mega Punch
-Light Screen