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Already have my bug team planned (Considering there's only 6 bug types in the first generation LOL And scyther/pinsir are exclusive...)


Good news is: 3 of them are obtained early on. Bad News: Other 2 are pretty late :(

Only bad thing about bug challenge is that I won't be able to use Butterfree in later generations :( (Fav. Pokemon) :P

Btw, Since I'll use an emulator, I'll upload my gym battles to youtube, if I have the time :D

And caterpie isn't hard to level up in the beginning, just have to continue running back and forth to the pokemon center :S (Tackle -> Tackle -> Tackle -> Evolve -> Repeat) :P

EDIT: Something I just realized: No bug type can learn Surf until generation 3... And none can EVER learn Fly... are we allowed to use a HM slave for certain HMs if ours can't learn it? Fly I could understand a No on as it's just a time saver, but surf is a required skill in the games in order to move on :S

EDIT2: Started my Journey.

I chose Charmander as my starter so that rival would have squirtle. No advantages, no disadvantages to me. I did not battle anyone after that, ran from all wild battles, etc. First chance I did, I went up and caught a Caterpie. I promptly named her (since there are no genders, I will assign them :P) Celest. I immediately returned to town, went to the Poke Center, healed Caterpie, and put Charmander in the PC. I ventured into Viridian Forest, where the first pokemon I encountered was, would you believe it? A Weedle. I caught and named him Spitfire.

After a long time training them up to a Butterfree/Beedrill, I was finally able to challenge Brock. I originally attempted to take out Geodude with Beedrill, but failed miserably, so I reset and tried again. :)


I got lucky with that critical hit and continuous missings from Onix, eh? I may just not upload videos, unless people enjoy watching em :P It's a bit of a hassle. XD

Current Team (As Seen in Video):

Celest (Butterfree)

Level: 13

String Shot

Spitfire (Beedrill)
Level: 12

Poison Sting
String Shot
Fury Attack

Debating Teaching Beedrill the Bide TM I just got from Brock :P Or Maybe I'll save it for Parasect XD