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    Ok, the progress I've made is pretty long so expect a sorta long post.

    Ghostly Escapades
    I started out in Lavender and made my way into the nearby route 11, at this point Marcus was gaining strength. He'll make a great addition to my party in the future.
    Beat the school guys who hang out on the road. Not too hard to beat, wasn't much of a challenge as usual.
    Arrived in Celadon and deposited/sold a bunch of items I will never need for room. This is probably the only game where your PC is vital. I bought some revives, super potions, a Pokedoll and a water stone for later on.
    Afterwards I went into the game corner, but I had no intention to gamble, no sir! The first thing I did was rough-house the rocket member guarding the poster and opened the door to a hidden hideout.
    The acceleration tiles are so slow in this game! Agh! It takes forever to get from point A to point B in this dungeon; so damn annoying!

    Anyway, once I got the key I was confronted by Team Rocket for the second time with their still very weak party. None more than a pushover this time around!
    Thrashed Giovanni with Marcus and recieved the Silph. Scope, but I didn't have enough room at first.. Ugh.
    Taught Rock Slide to Marcus to counter the ghost types. I'll need even more type coverage for Agatha later on, but apart from that, Rock Slide will do for now. The Pokemon Tower was quite a bit harder than the other challenges I faced. The Pokemon were fast, powerful and nigh on annoying when Rock Slide misses. Damn that tower, I'll never, ever return!

    Destroyed the Marowak and was confronted by Team Rocket AGAIN after one small paragraph! However now their Pokemon have evolved; making them quite a bit tougher than before. Still a pushover.

    Finally, got a cubone after a long and hard search and traveled along route 12(?) in order to get to the trainer who wants it. Got Ricky! Also managed to grab the super rod but discovered that you can't find Poliwags with it.. All you can find is Krabby, Goldeen, Horsea and Shellder! Or at least I believe so, Poliwags are found with the good rod which is found in Fuschia...

    Right now I'm up to the Celadon Gym, and I'll record my progress again once I reach Koga and catch Poliwag and even get Hitmonlee too!

    Current Party:


    Level 26
    HP: 90
    Highest Stat: Attack - 77
    Lowest Stat: Speed - 41
    Karate Chop
    Low Kick

    I love Machamp's yellow sprite. He looks so happy!

    Level 40
    HP: 130
    Highest Stat: Attack - 105
    Lowest Stat: Speed - 52
    Karate Chop
    Low Kick
    Focus Energy
    Rock Slide

    Level 40
    HP: 128
    Highest Stat: Attack - 112
    Lowest Stat: Special - 69
    Karate Chop
    Focus Energy
    Seismic Toss

    Alright! I'm doing swell so far. I'll also record my gym battle against Erika and put it up on Youtube for laughs and stoof.