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    Originally Posted by Red Gyrados View Post
    woah! very nice start up screen :P
    i wish i could do that :\
    i see johto wont be there :\
    anyway very nice :D
    Ah. Thanks.

    Originally Posted by Pokehero22 View Post
    Nice Job OG! :D

    Outlaw hunter looks GODLY.

    A godly game from a godly maker I suppose...
    Oh. Thankyou!

    Originally Posted by Crosell View Post
    Omega_Groudon I have a question.
    You know the pokedex, I wanna know how it works.
    In fire red if you see a trainer with a weedle and check the pokedex, you'll see the area it's located in.
    Well will it be the same in Raptor, or is there any other way to hunt down your favorites ?

    Btw: Nice start up screen, it looks really great, and tobad johto isn't gonna be in this, but 3 regions are great also ( never played a game with 3 regions haha)

    Well good luck!
    Sadly, you won't be able to check the location of those pokemon. ( Due to my lack of knowledge in scripting)
    Thanks for understanding.

    Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
    Oh, I can't wait for this to get out!!! My little sister is going to play it all the time!
    The previous demo was abit... pointless. Release this (Neo-Demo or what's it called?), please!
    Ah. I know. My previous demo was bad and it doesn't carry out the true potential of my Raptor.
    But there'll be a huge changes in Neo Demo.

    Originally Posted by dbgtfan1988 View Post
    I wanted to ask if you could possibly help me with my project? I wanted to ask a few simple things, that aren't in the advanced help for Poccil's starter kit and I can see your using it as well.

    I wanted to know if you know how to show rain, hail, and sandstorm in battle?
    Well, I think you'll need to ask these in Pokemon Essential thread.

    Originally Posted by dDave View Post
    I have an elementary question!^^ and sry if it is already said, because i couldnt find something about it...

    Is it possible to catch all other starter during the game??? and if "yes", will it be after a special event or time, or could you catch them during the whole game, if you reach their areas?!

    Other thing: Is it right that ShinyLugia make the Catchlists for every area on his own or are you working with him together? It would be cool when we had a little chance too to bring in our ideas^^ but thats of course not so important as long it will be finished as good as possible.

    thx for answering
    They'll be given by some event in the game which is a secret.
    Which means, you'll need to find out the way to get the other starter.
    Problaly after beating the game.

    Yep, ShinyLugia is the one who make the catchlist for every area on his own.
    I think if everyone can give ideas, the catchlist will be revealed. The player will lost interest on playing the game.

    Btw, thanks for the suggestion.

    Originally Posted by G-Trainer View Post
    Looks like you've made a lot of proggress, OG. Since the update I've been more excited than ever to play this game!

    Oh, I've been playing your demo and the one thing that really bugs me and gets on my nerves is the sound everytime you bump in to something or press the action button on something with out any uses. I'd recommend some music and regular spell checks as well.

    Hope all goes great,


    I've also noticed your pokemons don't have a sex. Why is that?
    Ah. I'm sure that Neo-Demo will be a huge changes.
    For some reason, I've no longer update the Pokemon Essential so the gender problem won't be fix.

    But there IS gender in my previous demo but you just can't see it in battle.
    But when you open the summary menu, you'll saw the gender.
    (I don't know why, I always caught Female pokemon. )

    Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
    Arrow keys: Move, C: Select, X: Cancel/Menu, Z: Run, F5: Use registered key item.

    I think he said he'd be fixing the sound bugs in the next demo. Also, the gender thing is because he's using an old version of the starter kit, which didn't have gender signs (not sure on this one).
    Thanks for answering.

    Originally Posted by ross61 View Post
    can not wait for the next demo and update!!!!!!!!!!
    No spamming please. Try to write your sentence properly and give a good comment or critique instead of writing that.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Yep, again. It's time for update!
    The update this time is about a new function of PokeDevice.
    You can use this function when Prof. Oak upgraded your PokeDevice.
    Without much ado, here's the screenshot:

    What's the function?
    Well, it's a data stored the location or information of certain Special Plates.
    You'll need to assign a mission in the screen.

    You should be clear right now after seeing this screenshot.
    Tell me what do you think.

    Yep, the next event will be Lugia ( spoiled through screenshot ).
    I need critique and comment as well.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
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