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    Blog Update:

    As I took off from Pewter City, I went through the pass that would bring me to the entrance to Mt. Moon. Taking out all the trainers along the way for the experience, Butterfree learned Poisonpowder. I then arrived at the PokeCenter in front of Mt. Moon. I entered, and began to fight the trainers on the first floor, when a Wild Pokemon attacked! It was a Paras. I promptly weakened it using Fury Attack with Beedrill, and threw a pokeball... Darn! It was so close too. I threw another one, and Shroomie the Paras was mine!

    I fought my way out of Mt. Moon and shortly reached Cerulean City. Although I could take her on right away, I decided to do the Nugget Bridge first, as you do in the future games :P After clearing the Bridge, Meeting Bill, and getting my Ticket, I returned to Cerulean to challenge Misty...


    Funnily, I leveled Beedrill up JUST to take out Starmie (to level 20 I mean), then realized Paras learned Leech Life at 20 too, so leveled him up as well, as a backup. Then Butterfree is just my support atm :P

    My Team is now as follows:

    Celest (Butterfree)
    Level: 20

    Sleep Powder
    Stun Spore
    Poison Powder

    Spitfire (Beedrill)
    Level: 20

    Poison Sting
    String Shot
    Fury Attack
    Twin Needle

    Shroomie (Paras)
    Level: 20

    Stun Spore
    Leech Life