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    I got bored :O So ANOTHER "Blog" Today :D (Had intended not to do another Gym Today <_<)

    After My Victory Vs. Misty, I set out to claim my trip on the S.S. that Bill gave me by going through a vandalized house. I battle the Rocket at the end, and grab a TM for Dig from him, which I teach to Shroomie for the next gym. I arrive, and decide to take a detour to the east to battle some trainers. After defeating them in battle, I gain a Bike Voucher from the Pokemon Fan Club president, and head onto the Boat. I defeat many trainers on the boat, and gain a bunch of items, but when one Ponyta proves too much for just 1 of my pokemon, I have to use all 3, but it came with a good end: Shroomie is now a Parasect!

    As I head for the Captain's chambers with weakened pokemon, I run into none other than my Rival! ARGH! A battle ensues, and I barely win. I meet the captain, who gives me the HM for Cut, which I promptly teach to Spitfire.

    I head into the Gym, and decipher the lock, and prepare for my battle with Lt. Surge:

    (Sorry about how I type it :P I like making people think <_<) Typing as if the character was me at times is fun XD

    Current Team:

    Celest (Butterfree)
    Level: 25

    Sleep Powder
    Stun Spore
    Poison Powder

    Spitfire (Beedrill)
    Level: 25

    Poison Sting
    Fury Attack
    Twin Needle

    Shroomie (Parasect)
    Level: 25

    Stun Spore
    Leech Life

    I MAY post another one... cause I'm extremely bored XD