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    Yes, I'm THAT bored, lol. Episode "blog" Number 4 time :D

    After my Victory over Lt. Surge and gaining my 3rd badge, I left to go back to Cerulean City to redeem the Bike Voucher that the Pokemon Fan Club leader gave me. Unfortunately, as I needed 10 pokemon in order to obtain the flash HM, I decided simply to go through the Rock Tunnel without a map. After a hour of frustration, I found myself at the end, near Lavendar Town, and after a few more battles, I went to the PokeCenter for a much needed rest.

    I met my Rival in the Pokemon Tower, and easily defeated him. I then went down to Route 12 in hopes of catching a Venonat, then remembered that the grass was on the other side of Snorlax :( So I went back to Lavendar Town, and cleared the trainers to the west, reaching the next underground tunnel, and arriving in Celadon City.

    I then decided to take my luck at the Casino, spending a lot of my money left on gambling, spending about 4 hours, I finally had enough coins to buy a Pinsir! Creating the 4th member of my bug team, Clamps~ (Gogo Futurama Reference :P) After a little bit of training, he caught up to the rest of my team. I bought Butterfree a Razor Wind TM, and used my Body Slam TM I acquired earlier on Pinsir.

    After some arduous training and defeating her Jr. Trainers, I was ready to fight Erika:

    Though I could've easily taken her out simply with Beedrill, I wanted all my pokemon to get in on the action. After the battle, I taught Shroomie Mega Drain from the TM reward.

    Current Team:

    Celest (Butterfree)
    Level: 32

    Stun Spore
    Razor Wind

    Spitfire (Beedrill)
    Level: 31

    Poison Sting
    Pin Missile
    Twin Needle

    Shroomie (Parasect)
    Level: 31

    Mega Drain

    Clamps (Pinsir)
    Level: 31

    Vice Grip
    Seismic Toss
    Body Slam