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    Originally Posted by Dragonfire100 View Post
    Hi, I have 0 experience and don't know the first thing about rom hacking, but I am passionate about pokemon and have many, many ideas for new pokemon, storylines, characters, places etc. I'm not asking to be part of the hacking team, not asking for any credit, I'd just like to help you out and inspire you to make a great game. Website looks great and I like the story so far.
    Thanks for all your praise and offer to help. And if you want to help you could be co-prodercer(co-producer dosent need to do anything exept help me get other people workin, help think of story and pokemon ideas, help put everything together.) Well what you think want to be co-producer, If you want to just pm me. Oh and guys Im making new postions like lead mapper, co-mapper, ect.. so dont worry you will all have a chance to become higher rank. Oh and uptate on the first post please read

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