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Originally Posted by ah2190 View Post
Well, at least this is currently in production. Unlike XD002: Shadow of Dragons.

However, with that, it's mainly because neither of us have got round to work on it. But hopefully within the next week, I'll be able to start working on it again.
yes i know that we haven't done alot on XD002 but i have made a few updates to some of your maps to make them better.

Here is a Picture off the Region Map.

Massive Update
Beta release
I will release the beta when I have finished the 2nd gym.

Introduction to the New team
The new team name is going to be Team DarkLight Whose goal is to awaken the Monster of the eclipse. (No surprise there) but it seems that they are going to use it as the...

Gym Leaders

1st Gym
Water Pokémon Gym
Gym Location: Flowing Dew City

2nd Gym
Electric Type Gym
Gym Location: Techna

Thats all your getting for now.