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Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Hey are you changing the tiles to Platinum?
If so, cool!
If not, cool!
Keep it up!
and if maybe...? still cool...?
I will add new tiles when I feel like adding new ones though~

Originally Posted by ¿TB Pro™ View Post
Alright, I decided to report all the bugs I find, as to further the progress of the hack. NOTE: I will report every little tiny bug, even if it cannot be fixed/is hardly noticable

-the long spoiler thingy removed-

That's as far as I got, because I couldn't find the go-goggles, and I accidentally deleted my save. What I played of the hack, was wonderful, I only had one complaint. There were too many existing scripts from Ruby, which was a bit of a turn off, but somehow this hack has motivated me to begin working on my hack again. It just gave me a good feeling while playing it. Kudos, and Luck~
those movements errors... I better fix them then...
and about the grammar errors, I kinda agree with the 'come' instead of 'came', but I need to read my grammar book first though, and also, I think 'saw' suits best than 'see' 'cause it's in the past tense already...

and the Go-Goggles will be given to you after you got your second badge/symbol, unfortunately, the current available beta's only up to defeating the first master the second time.

and by Ruby scripts, you mean...? :\
I need to know so I can see if I can remove them(if you mean the sandstorm, I rescripted it, 'cause if I reuse the old Ruby sandstorm script, it causes the maps not to show their names anymore, I think)...

but thanks~

Originally Posted by >Dante< View Post
this hack is relly good...
I've see a lot of number of script..
I hope to see a new graphical for this hack..
good work destinedjagold
I ain't good at graphics though, so I doubt I can make it graphically-excellent... :\

but thanks~

Originally Posted by treecko 22 View Post
When i start the game, i can't go out of the van + the border is glitchie.
no idea...
maybe bad patching, or ROM incompatibility, maybe?

Originally Posted by megiddo View Post
I'd like to report that the boat script(the one where you meet the guy on board) froze for me.
are you maybe playing with No$GBA, 'cause the same happenes to me while I was beta testing through No$GBA...
I forgot to add that in the first post...

Originally Posted by wildarms001 View Post
wow finally the LoG is coming :D im happy youre back in hacking DJG :D im excited to see the new tile set and grapics :D GL ill support this one all the way
er, when did I stop? :\
but anyways, thanks~

Originally Posted by .Exiled View Post
Mehish hack.


Though I think the overworlds could of been replaced D=.
It'll be replaced, it is just that my spriters are busy with their lives, so I don't bother bothering them if they are too busy~

also, sorry if I don't talk to you through YM...
but I always reply when someone talks to me.

Originally Posted by abyssthesavior View Post
well that was quick...*downloads* gonna play beta 1 up to.... ... ... ... ... ... .. .? hey how many badges does the beta end and at what point of it???
er.., read the first post on the Beta Info...

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
The Pokemon your shaman was talking about in the forest... What's it called... Can we see it?
Shaman in the forest? you mean the old lady in Sinister Woods?
no-no-no... that wasn't your shaman...
maybe I better change one of their overworlds to avoid confusion...
anyways, the PKMN it said was GUIBIT, but it's backsprite, and preevolution sprites aren't sprites yet, so I haven't inserted the sprite in the ROM yet, but it will be, soon, when it's done.

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