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    Beat Koga... with all my pokemon lower level than his... not sure how that happened, I WAS above everyone... *shrug* Finished it a while ago, but PC wouldn't load -.-

    "Blog" Part 5: The Cheating Wheezing

    After defeating Erica, I headed to the Game Corner, where I defeated a Rocket Grunt, and gained access to their headquarters. I fought my way through, as usual, and reached their leader, Giovanni. His Kangaskhan gave me a little trouble, but in the end, Beedrill was victorious. I then left Celadon and went for the Pokemon Tower with my newly acquired Silph Scope.

    I fought my way up the tower, taking out the women and psychics on the way up. When I reached a ghost, the Silph Scope showed it to be Marowak. I defeated it, and the rockets on the next floor, and rescued Mr. Fuji, who was so grateful he gave me a PokeFlute that could awaken sleeping pokemon. I went south, to Route 12, and woke up Snorlax. It attacked in a rage, so I had Clamps defeat it. I obtained a Super Rod from a house on Route 12, so I would be able to catch a water pokemon I could surf on later.

    I soon reached a patch of grass to the left, and knew what would be waiting for me. After fighting off some Pidgeys and Bellsprouts, I saw it. Venonat, the final member of my team. It put up not so much of a fight, and soon, Funster was mine. After some more arduous training, she caught up to the rest of my team.

    A VERY Long and annoying trip through Route 12, and I finally reached Fuschia City, the site of my next Gym Battle. Luckily, bug types are effective against Poison, so I wasn't worried going into the battle. Although Fuschia is also the site of the Safari Zone, I thought I'd take my luck with the Gym first. :)

    I wasn't prepared for him to take out Parasect in one hit... and the whole Self Destruct at the end was messed up :(

    Current Team:

    Celest (Butterfree)
    Level: 37

    Stun Spore
    Razor Wind

    Spitfire (Beedrill)
    Level: 36

    Poison Sting
    Pin Missile
    Twin Needle

    Funster (Venomoth)
    Level: 36

    Stun Spore
    Poison Powder
    Leech Life

    Shroomie (Parasect)
    Level: 36

    Mega Drain

    Clamps (Pinsir)
    Level: 36

    Seismic Toss
    Body Slam