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Originally Posted by Wesley FG View Post
"Dark Shadow" => On the next beta this, I am careful to every last detail to launch it.
"Tropical Sunlight '=> Thank you, and yes it and scary and even a forest.
"Pikachu192 '=> Yes can use their signatures in people who use so I will support this project
"Joelvil555 '=> but still not soon take care of this detail
"Tropical Sunlight2 '=> rather LIGHT PLATINUM has a history, and that further the story has changed in the last beta, in a moment I will post
"Radium" => Thank you for your kind words and support for this hack
"Tropical Sunlight3 '=> Thanks this was really a great surpressa I do not know how these tender, but I am very happy: D
'Infernal Contraption' => Thank you, really I'm lifting and very happy, I'm doing the best I can in this hack, thanks
"Major3000 '=> That and a Bug XD, you have to use GAME SHARK to pass, because as I moved the plot of the game can not release a version of the game with this concerted, and thanks

here I am working very hard hack
and this award was very surprise for I
you, and thank you
people of all they can to support
This hack
the beta is close to be launched
later I bring a surprise
with many information and news about the hack

plz post
cool !, i can't wait for more updates well good luck !
hacks i support:

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