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    Originally Posted by Agent Zero View Post
    Nmber 2 can't possibly be true because of Mother 4. Number 1...I agree with to an extent; this game doesn't seem like it COULD be'd have to be graphics-heavy.

    Soooooo...are you looking at a vertical shooter-like game (where you squirt lemon juice) or a platformer (where you bounce around)?
    As far as the story's what I am thinking this second:
    You're a lemon growing in a tree...maybe you're chatting with your lemon friends. A kid sends a baseball flying and knocks you down. The first level then has something to do with falling out of the tree. Then they go on through the lemon's adventure in places such as...
    • the ground beneath the tree branches with bugs, bugs, and more bugs (and maybe a dog)
    • the countertop of the family who owns the tree...a mouse/dog took you inside or something
    • you have to avoid getting tossed into batter for some lemon-on-ice muffins
    • maybe because you were battered (pun not intended) from trying to avoid getting turned into sweets, the family returned you to the supermarket
    • you deal wth shoppers and other fruits in the produce section of the store
    • ahh, the six year-old's lemonade stand...
    And then you end up in the only safe place--a hole in the ground--where an old lady grows you into another lemon tree. Then the whole game restarts on 'Hard Mode'...that's how I would approach it, but, of course, it depends on what sort of game you had in mind here.
    or you can mix those things. you can shoot stuff in platformers =/

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