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    Okay, my first blog in a while.

    Sabrina the Teenage Twitch
    Alright, after my awesome fight against Koga, I decided to take it easy and travel along the boardwalk to the east, fighting and grinding against trainers in preperation for difficult fights ahead. Never have I seen such a huge increase in the levels between the first half of the Gym Leaders and the second half. To be honest with you, I like that!
    In Saffron, I noticed that the Silph Co. Building had no guard in front. Because of this, I took up the oppurtunity and entered. To my 'surprise', there were Rocket Grunts inside! Now, I didn't exactly go on every floor, so I missed a load of Rocket members. It's no big deal but I could've used them for training now that I look back: Bah!
    I also found a room with a TM in it; none other than Earthquake! I drooled in adorement at the TM and replaced Dig with it immediately to Ricky. Maybe I should've taught it to Hitomi or Marcus? I say who cares?

    Gary decided to be a pain and show up, waiting for me like a jerk. I gave him a sound beating to pay him a lesson... A lesson IN PAIN! I smashed him, rolled him up and tossed him aside like a paper ragdoll. No rival will take away my right to be awesome with fighting types!
    All that aside, once again I go up and find Team Rocket in the way. Yeah, thanks, I pushed them away and went over to Giovanni who said that he'll teach me a lesson in pain.. I just said that: PLAGIARIST! I got mad and Earthquaked him to death. All of his pokemon were easy to defeat, so it wasn't a big deal or anything.

    When that was all done, I got a Master ball for my efforts from the chairman of Silph. What a kindly old fellow, too bad I'll never get to use it... ever.
    I left the building, entered the gym and found the trainers.....
    kinda easy.
    Wow, I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. I thought Psychic types were threats, but I manage to destroy the Abra line in one hit and the rest weren't very strong at all. The only challenge were the channellers inside the gym with their Gastlys and Haunters; I still can't believe that they only have 3 ghost types in the first generation.
    Sabrina was, well.. Watch this video, you'll see what I mean

    Pack your Marshmallows, we're going for a fiery match!

    Yeah.. Sabrina really was surprising, but I'm proud of my Marshbadge. One question... Why Marshbadge? What's so psychic about marshes? Am I forgetting something about marshes here?
    Ugh, that out of the way, I travelled to vermillion city and spelunked through Diglett cave in order to reach Pallet town fast and easily. When in Pallet I took the mildly short surf down; all the while pitching fights, killing jellyfish and MORE! It was fun apart from that one trainer with 6 bloomin' magikarps. There's ALWAYS one..

    In Cinnabar, the gym was locked so I had to go into the Pokemon Mansion to look for a key. Damn, the wild battles are way more common here, it's nuts.
    After finally reaching the key and finding no trace of Dittotic life around, I escape roped my way out, went to the mart to buy 'burn heal'. And proceeded to purposely answer every quiz wrong! Tm28 REALLY IS Tombstoner!

    The battle with Blaine was easy but it peeved me off. I was going to use Thrash, but I accidentially used Seismic toss! ARghrgrghh!
    Here's the video

    Current Party:

    Level 47
    Karate Chop
    Seismic Toss
    Can't be bothered with talking about the highest stat anymore, too tedious..

    level 48
    Ice Beam
    Body Slam

    Level 47
    Karate Chop
    Seismic Toss
    Rock Slide

    Level 47
    Low Kick
    Seismic Toss

    level 47
    Double Kick
    Rolling Kick
    Jump Kick

    And that's all for now! Next segment will come when I reach the Indigo Plateau and then a Youtube Bonanza!