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    Originally Posted by Alakazam17 View Post
    When the Americans translated the original Red and Blue, they somehow mixed up the names of Sabrina and Koga's badges. "Soul" was supposed to be Sabrina's, and "Marsh" was meant for Koga. I think you can see that these fit better. =D

    Good luck on your next badge! :D

    I'll just about ready to challenge the Elite Four. But I intend to get that Slowpoke evolved before I begin. Will update when I get through it, including videos.
    Good luck to you too with the Elite 4! Thanks for clearing that up, I knew something was wrong with them.
    The next badge will be easy, all I need is to go wild with Wranthor. Simple!

    Oh, and I uploaded the videos in case you posted that before I edited my post.