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i have a question, how many of you have ever known a person that works on 3 games at a time?? o and another one is there anywhere i can find a all region pokemon game demo? like kanto johto orange islands, hoeen sinooh? and i looked at raptor, moring dawn etc.. and infinte rainbow<<<boy was that a mistake, it was looking good but its getting shut down because he gotta work on his other game people get organized and grow up like really, i know it takes a hard time to make a game and stuff and i give you kudos for that but dont post a game if your not gonna finish it or close it????????? think about what your doing and how many fans your destroying, try to even the two games fans sides out, make both happy not just one :P but w.e do what you will, and if anyone noes a different website where i can find an all region pokemon game i would really appreciate it tahnks!!! :D
What up guys its Johnny B, JB for short if you want, well just hanging around pokecommunity, i love some of the games that people make on here, but w.e lol GL to everyones games, especially infinite rainbow :D!~~