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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post

    and if maybe...? still cool...?
    I will add new tiles when I feel like adding new ones though~

    those movements errors... I better fix them then...
    and about the grammar errors, I kinda agree with the 'come' instead of 'came', but I need to read my grammar book first though, and also, I think 'saw' suits best than 'see' 'cause it's in the past tense already...

    and the Go-Goggles will be given to you after you got your second badge/symbol, unfortunately, the current available beta's only up to defeating the first master the second time.

    and by Ruby scripts, you mean...? :\
    I need to know so I can see if I can remove them(if you mean the sandstorm, I rescripted it, 'cause if I reuse the old Ruby sandstorm script, it causes the maps not to show their names anymore, I think)...

    but thanks~
    Actually It would truthfully be "see". I have no idea why, but it truly is. Neways, I couldn't battle Janice the second time, for some reason. I believe it was because the script in that town didn't activate for some odd reason. And I mean the original Ruby talking scripts that are littered throughout the hack. But it was nice overall, keep it up! Luck~
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