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    I'm working on a project of my own, and am keeping to my own standards of "what makes a good/bad game". I won't release any info until I'm decently far into the game creation, but expect to see my project hit this board in the next month or so (I'm already working on it daily).

    Also, I stand behind Fake Pokemon, as that means you're doing something new. Still, they need to be done right. I do have a few legendary/special ones, but they're decently "legendary" and its not a forced feeling of it either. I plan on making the entire game out of Fake Pokemon (Fakemon) to get away from the norm of games that use the same Pokemon all the time. Is there a chance they'll be like SOMETHING already created? Maybe, but I still do enough to make them their own creation and not just a direct copy.

    Still, the things I just can't stand:

    -Massive Staff Groups: I'm 23, I have a job, and yet I have enough time and ability to create the game almost all on my lonesome. I'm getting sprites/pictures from different artists and I'm going to work from there. The scripting, mapping, and everything else is coming from me and me alone. You don't need a staff of 15 people to make a game like this.

    -Horrid grammar: Capitalization, proper punctuation, spelling...If I play a game that fails to do these things, it's shut down and deleted right away.

    -Idiotic jokes, using "LOL" or smileys in text, etc etc: This one is the worst. I see it all the time and it's just enough to make me want to punch the developer in the face over and over until they learn not to do this again. I played a game that started with Oak calling Gary "my ****head grandson" followed by "lol ^.^". As well, the dialog in the game was nothing but stuff like fart jokes, bad spelling, and sad attempts to try to make something funny out of something that's not funny.

    -Unoriginality: I love how I've got the start of my game. There's no "professor"...there's no "10 year old birthday"...if your game starts the same as every other game, that isn't a bad thing, but its not a good thing either. If you're doing a project that involves making something creatively different, use some creativity. I'm not going to give out the intro to mine yet (partially for reasons that I like it so much, I don't want someone else to try nabbing it...god knows it happens) but professor, no birthday.