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I better answer some questions around here before I'll prepare myself to attend our school's Christmas Party.

Originally Posted by Kile986 View Post
YEAH LIFE OF GUARDIAAAAAAANS finally after so much time grats on finishing it DJG

omg.... i saw a Felinar in the grass and hadnt even gotten pokeballs yet.....AWW MAN~!~~~~
well yeah, I did that on purpose. It was a script.
I'f you'll at your PokéDex and look up to Felinar's location, it is still unknown so it is not around the wild grasses yet...

Originally Posted by ¿TB Pro™ View Post
Actually It would truthfully be "see". I have no idea why, but it truly is. Neways, I couldn't battle Janice the second time, for some reason. I believe it was because the script in that town didn't activate for some odd reason. And I mean the original Ruby talking scripts that are littered throughout the hack. But it was nice overall, keep it up! Luck~
you didn't battle Janice the second time 'round?
Why is that? After you exit Mineral Cave, did you talk to your 'mom' in Guardia Town?

Originally Posted by SoraNoHana View Post
...So you mean the Go-getters created the world that the hero in the first game went into? Wow, this is a superb plot!

I wish you the best of luck!
Well, yeah, the hero of RoL was sent by Palkia to the world the Go-Getters created. Thanks~

Originally Posted by Pokedra View Post
Really great hack! The bit at the start with the truck noise is weird but it doesn't matter this is an awesome hack!

You should add D/P sprites for the starters.
sorry about that, but I still don't know how to remove that script. sorry~

Originally Posted by treecko 22 View Post
well iv try'd all sorts of ruby roms but it's still glitchie, so it must be that patch.
can someone pm it to me patched please ?
i will love you forever (not in that way)XD
PM you the patch? It is already available in the first post... :\
Or do you mean a ruby ROM? If so, then er, Google it.

Originally Posted by kinu View Post
it also freezes on me when you are talking to the guy on the boat, i was useing the visual boy advance.
that is weird. I have beta tested the hack several times now in the past few weeks and I got no problems whatsoever...

by the way pipz...
I am no longer using the Ruby ROM with the MUGS intro...

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