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    I have an Idea for a Fushigi Yugi rp. But it might be a little to complex to work. lol So I thought I'd ask to see if anyone would like to do a joint project.

    It's called Fushigi Yugi: Preistess Wars. Basically this takes place 60 or so od years after Miaka's and Tamahome's efforts in the Universe of the Four Gods. The book was kept in Miaka's safekeeping for a long time. Then one day Yui was helping her friend clean some thing out of her home to move when the book was "accidently" lost. For 60 years no one has seen or heard anything of the book. Then one day into the future the book turns up at the house of an old lady who bought it at a book convention to give to her youngest grandaughter. The book turns out to be a dissapointment because there is no story, only a strange script written in Chinease and the words Pristess Wars written in bold under that.

    I'd need 4 pristesses for this along with all of the warriors for each pristess. That's why I'm saying it may be too much. But I do really think a Fushigi Yugi rp would be fun, even if it's not my own idea.
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