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    Long ago, there was a great war between two teams: Red and Green.Sir Aaron, Hero of the Wave, sacrificed himself to save the Kingdom of Cameran.

    Before all this happened, Sir Aaron and his friend Lucario traveled for a short stay at Auhora. While he and Lucario where meditating in the meadows, they saw a mysterious tunnel leading underground. They walked down, finally coming to a door. After opening the door, they suddenly saw a sarcophagus with a mysterious pokemon figure painted on it. They toke another close step.Suddenly,a mysterious Pokemon showed up from the sarcophagus. Aaron and Lucario fought this figure hard, but in the end where no match for the powerful Pokemon. Aaron got an idea he told Lucario to hold off on his while while he look for something he saw a flash of.He saw a mysterious item , held it up to the Pokemon. The Pokemon was weakened greatly. Lucario took this chance and used Aura Sphere to push the weakened Pokemon into the sarcophagus. Riley told the people of the land of what he did. Most of them were skeptical. Although some believed. Irregardless. The tunnel was locked up never to be opened again.

    This legend is kept as truth, and he is honored to this day by the youth and elders of Auhora. This tale of Wisdom and Courage has reached far and wide.

    All is peace until one day Team Galactic has set it eyes on this Island. With their intentions unknown, They one by one take over this place and in search of what their finding.They bring darkness to this once beautiful land.

    But there is always a piece of light in darkness. Hope will come soon.

    So you(Riley), a mysterious boy with a connection to Sir Aaron, and your friend(Roark) are on your way to Professor Holly's lab. Once you Are there she gives you the regular 3 Pokemon.She says," Choose one only boys". Just then Bryon bust thought the door and Yells,"Get out!Team Galactic is here!!" Holly then tell you and friend(Roark) to stay back. TG assistant admin Cyrus shows us in front of Byron. " Give me all your Pokemon at once and you will not get severely harmed",Cyrus says. Byron grab you and Roark(arguing to stay and fight) and through you out.

    You are confused and then don't know what to do. Suddenly Professor Holly comes with the three starters."Choose quickly boys, there is no time!" she says."Where is my dad?"asks Roark."There is no time for questions, choose your starter and go now". You choose your own starter as so does Roark. She also gives you two Pokedex."Now listen boys, Byron has been taken hostage, Cyrus has also taken all the Pokemon at my lab except these starter I hid", Holly continues," TG has been ruling our once peaceful home for too long, You two are going to stop him"." Wait, we are just kids!" Roark points out." You would be so surprised what a kid can do, any way you to hurry because you are leaving right this second"Holly says.You two set of in off to a Cruise to start your journey, unknown to what await you and your friend.
    Riley- A mysterious boy that looks exactly like Sir Aaron, in this story I hope to explain why to you.
    Roark- Your best friend, He and his father are visiting this Island in the hopes of helping it citizens.
    Byron- Roark's father, He is a friend to your father, and a Sinnoh gym leader.
    Holly- A Pokemon professor. She used to be a Pokemon Champion, but retired.
    Cyrus- The cold hearted Co-leader of Team Galactic. His motives are Unknown.
    *PCS- A team of Pokemon Champions that will help you in the defeating Team Galactic.
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