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    1.Did you not see the colors on their shirts on that movie
    3-4.The mascot is kinda Egytian like
    5.If you look up Anubis images than you would see an object that he is always holding sort of object, i call this a key because i do not know what it is.
    6. People did not know him there because he was foreign.
    7. The Pokemon was powerful that even the Sir Aaron who boasted that he was very strong could not hold a candle to this Almighty beast
    8.There are always your skeptic if they did not see them their selves.
    10. This is a prequel, So i would not He/She say new but is new and old at the same time, they look for that pokemon.
    11.They are TG what else do you think they do.(do you watch pokemon)And also i use Cyrus as in Relation to Cyrus the great.
    12. He is also visiting this region, but we learn why he has not dominated the world yet.
    13.She is not related to the other Holly's because i made a thread a while ago to talk about the name of the Proffesor
    14.An Island of the coast of Sinnoh.
    15.This is not cannon, I want to make it like the Pokemon for a medium percentage, with a taste of Orginality(some)
    16.same answer as 15.
    17.This Region/Island is full of new and strong Pokemon. And also would you not arm yourself with the Strong Native Pokemon to take down their Strong Pokemon.(EXikachu did not even stand up against Electivire)
    18.When your being ruled by a Cold hearted man, Days may seem like years
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