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Originally Posted by Mitchman Is View Post
I like you and all vanilla kitsune as a member and all but man did you ingore the 2 posts that cleary explain what miyamoto said could be vaild and altered at any given time? If you did then well here is a cap up:
E3 is not potential enoguh the way it is and needs to ge pre 06 era to be deemed worthy for him to reveal a mario or zelda game there thus making that point valid AND thus having the game most likely to be revealed at a press confrence later on after E3(not the main after E3 ones but a random one) liepzig or tgs covention could be the possible reveal areas.
But....Nintendo doesn't attend TGS or GC. So, it's either E3 or a Nintendo-only event.

They have been working on the game since 2006. Given how much the community is upset at Nintendo for apparently "betraying" them with Wii Music (I don't agree with this, but whatever) - you would think or at least hope Nintendo would show what would arguably be their most anticipated game off at the next E3 to make up for everything.