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Originally Posted by .Pichu-kun View Post
O rly? :o

Why is that, djg?
Well, my two early hacks, which were RoL and RR were both based on the Ruby ROM with the MUGS intro, which I theorized to glitch up when the player progresses further.
So I decided to try hacking a non-MUGS intro Ruby ROM to see if my theory is correct or the flags I used are needed to be reassigned...

Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post
hey nice to see you have started your new hack, good luck DJG
thanks, although I started hacking LoG when I was close to finishing RR...

Originally Posted by wNtR Azazel View Post
it froze on my psp too, but i haven't tried playing it on VBA

but anyways, the game is turning out AWESOME, love the music and the story...:D
no idea why it freezes in your PsP's...
Sorry if I may not be able to help you guys out~

Originally Posted by kinu View Post
i fixed it, it was a personal problem, sorry if i troubled you at all with it.
oh, I see...
no problem though~

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