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Well, if some people need explanation to this, I might just do it.

#raw 0x7C 0xF9 0x00 

#raw 0x7C is checkmove. It checks whether one of your party Pokemon have the move. 0xF9 0x00 are two bytes that contribute to the move it self. In this case, I presume it's Rock Smash.
#raw 0x9D 0x00 0x0D 0x80 

#raw 0x9D checks the Pokemon that will make the animation. (If there's one).
#raw 0x9C 0x25 0x00 

#raw 0x9C plays the animation of the move done. In this case, it's ROCK SMASH. Like, when you use CUT. IT shows what Pokemon is doing it.
#raw 0x27 is waitstate, or waitspecial. It should be under the animation command.
Well, I think those commands are the ones that seem hard. Hope that helps.

Some information were from Dabomstew's site. Here's a video of it working, though he used some different commands.
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