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    My beta didn't end when I defeated Janice the second time...
    I battled Richard and he had an Eevee and a Squitrle (I have chosen Charmander).
    And guess what? I met Felinar on my way to Oceanshine!

    By the way, the new music is great!
    I love Oceanshine music (it's my favourite town, you know).
    But the Trainer battle music... It sounds kinda epic. Maybe use it in an important battle and make the basic one different.

    And I must say the game is splendid.

    AND (it'll be end soon xD) There is a movement error in Oceanshine in the 4 big bushes

    EDIT: I met Vincent and Claire... That legendary is strong... It was above GREEN LEAF and I was exploring... Did I go too far?