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Originally Posted by treecko99 View Post
Thanks for the help, but now I am back to my original problem.
It won't let me compile because "Error 13 'type mismatch' on line 8
Missing #define or parameter.
Line: compare LASTRESULT 0x1" pops up.
As XSE told you, a #define is missing. And on line 8 we have LASTRESULT.
So make sure you extract all files from the zipped archive.
LASTRESULT is defined in the std.rbh file indeed.

Anyway, remember the script type isn't "Yes/No script" and the like. See the first post for further details.

Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
I need a bit of help with a trainerbattle.
The script works fine, so does the battle but when I am in the trainer's sight, the trainer doesn't move towards me so I have to talk to him to battle.
What is wrong?

Trainer's settings in A-map


Movement Type = Look Right
Movement = 11
Trainer Box = Ticked

Thanks in advance
Well, I guess you just forgot to set the View radius value properly:

Anyway, next time please provide all info okay?