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    Well its about freaking time huh? Sorry about the delay, I had an incredible amount of work due to the 'Pre-Holiday Cram In.' I did edit this chapter from serebii though, and have reposted it there. At the end of this chapter, I do have a question for you, though.

    Chapter 4: The Plot

    “What, you don’t recognize your Aunt?” The voice soothed. The women removed her purple hood, revealing her awkward face. She hastily fixed her short red hair, adjusting it in a purple clip positioned above her ear. Her beady black eyes were magnified by her thick glasses, which hung off an abnormally large nose.

    “Aunt Lorelei! ” John cried, ecstatic. He had not seen his grandfather’s favorite daughter since his funeral months ago. He jumped into her arms embracing her, along with Mike. She always gave the best hugs.

    “Hahaha, I’m happy to see you too kid,” she laughed, letting go of John and Mike, surveying the kids around him.

    “So these are your friends…” she trailed off, looking around. She obviously knew Mike, as he was also her nephew, but she didn’t know the others.

    “Yep, these are them,” John said, introducing the gang. He pointed to each as he revealed their names. “This is George, Joey, and Lindsey, they’re traveling with Mike and I.”

    She shook each of their hands, traveling down the line until she met Lindsey. “So this is the girl?” She questioned, sneeringly. “You’re right John, she is quite pretty.”
    Lindsey began to blush furiously as she shook Lorelli’s hand. John just jabbed Lorelli, hitting her softly in the side of her stomach.

    “Hey! Respect your elders!” She joked.

    She walked with the group back to the table and relaxed for a little while, kicking her feet up and placing her head on her bent arms.

    They chatted for a while, producing and forcing small talk, until finally, Lorelli broke the question they were all hoping for.

    “So don’t you wanna know why I’m here Johnny boy?” She asked, inquisitively.

    A look of curiosity appeared on each of their faces. “Well…um…yeah? Why don’t you explain for us Aunt Lorelli?” John asked, in earnest.

    “Ah, with pleasure my nephew, with pleasure. First, I do need to swear you all to secrecy, because if this information is leaked, many people will be in danger,” she began.

    “Then, why are you telling us?” Joey asked, intrigued.

    Lorelli paused for a second, perhaps pondering whether or not to go through with the explanation. She obviously decided for it, and began to speak.

    “Well you know I am Champion of these Islands. With that title comes perks, and shortcomings as well.” The group all nodded, listening intently to the women.

    “This is one of those shortcomings. Being a trainer of my stature, I was dispatched after this crisis along with the various intelligence agencies. Except my mission is different, it is my duty to subdue and capture three legendary pokemon necessary for our plight, and discover the hidden location of two swords,” she paused, sensing the confused looks now inhabiting the faces of the five.

    “Ah. I see you are unfamiliar with the legend?” She asked. They nodded.

    She took a deep, long sigh, and tried to explain.

    “You see, long ago in ancient times, Deoxys terrorized this great nation, or rather, dependency. At the time, the Sevii Islands were being invaded by the Kanto-Johto empire. At any rate, Deoxys traveled from island to island, killing thousands, and destroyed entire villages. It was at that time, that tribal leaders and Empire officers alike found an awkward connection between Navel Rock, and the strange pokemon from another world. Taking the initiative, they forged two swords from the rock, which was made of a red crystalline material. Armed with these swords, elite soldiers engaged Deoxys on various islands, but all were defeated. By sheer coincidence, in one such fight, it was discovered the swords gained power when bathed in fire, electricity, and water,” she paused, making sure none of the teenagers attention spans were wavering. They were all listening intently to the women, so she continued.

    “The problem was, ordinary pokemon could not provide the necessary power they needed. So the ancients sought out three incredibly powerful pokemon, called legendaries, to aide them. It was said that Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos were created by Arceus to help them, yet this is just pure speculation. Anyways, armed with these Pokemon and the swords, the army met up with Deoxys on Nine Island. Over 100,000 people accompanied the birds, only 10,000 returned. Yet, the attack was a success. The three bird Pokemon unleashed their most powerful attacks on the swords, which were stabbed into the two holes left by their casting in Navel Rock. The attacks themselves also hit Deoxys, which in turn sucked him into the Rock, encasing him in time, until now,” she ended, dragging her hand in a face palming motion.

    There was an awkward silence between the kids and their superior, until of course, John broke it.

    “So that’s what you are trying to do. You’re going to Kanto to retrieve the birds?” John asked, as they all stood up, moving towards the side of the boat again. His heart was fluttering with each passing moment. Since the crisis had occurred last night, he yearned not to get involved. Now, it was seeming destiny had other plans.

    “Yes,” Lorelli answered, “but there is more to this than you think. Deoxys wasn’t awoken by accident. It was a terror attack.”

    “Who would do such a horrific thing?” John asked, ignorantly. Although he had watched the news and knew full well the turmoil the world was in at the moment, he still could not fathom why a human being would want to kill another.

    “Team Galactic,” she whispered timidly. Her voice trembled a bit.

    “And the Sevii Islands are not the only ones being terrorized,” she added, regaining her composure. “The terrorist organizations are beginning to band together. They’ve figured out that they cant work separately, so they are working together. It is as if our worst fears are realized.”

    “I’ve heard of that dude,” Joey jumped up and explained. He always enjoyed a good discussion regarding current events, which was odd for his age, to say the least. “Everyday the talk on the news how the ‘Galactic Coalition is actively declaring plans. Almia has been the victim of many terror attacks and riots, the whole region is unstable. Rumors of a dangerous coup are also circulating, as the Coalition begins to gain strength. They also said…” he trailed off.

    “Continue bud, your doing great,” Lorelli soothed.

    “They also said some nuclear material from Johto is missing,” he finished, in a whisper.

    Lorelli chuckled to herself. “You certainly are a knowledgeable kid. You watch the news often?”

    Joey nodded, bowing his head.

    “Good. You’re going to need your knowledge, especially for what I am about to assign you to,” she alluded, pulling the group closer.

    She grasped a Pokeball in her hand, lightly tossing it up and down in her hand. John’s heart leapt into his throat. This was not the journey he was hoping for, he did not want to drag his friends or himself into something like this.

    “I need you to find the swords,” Lorelli said, flatly. She wasn’t the one to beat around the bush.

    “What? Why? How?” Mike asked, nervously. Did she know she was assigning such an important task to children?

    She looked at Mike and John endearingly. “You were Dad’s favorite grandchildren, you especially John. He would kill me if I didn’t trust you with this.”

    John perked up a bit. Ever since his Grandpa died, he had made it his life’s mission to make him proud and honor his memory. If he could do that by assisting Aunt Lorelli, it would be worth it.

    “You guys are traveling around the islands right?” She asked warmly.

    They nodded.

    “Then keep an eye out for me,” she said, pulled out a small piece of paper with a list of scribbles on it. “Here’s a list of where they might be. Just look for the pieces there, okay?”

    John took the piece of paper from her hand, falling into a scared embrace with his aunt.

    She released him, as placed the paper into his pack, his hands shaking.

    Lorelli then pulled away from the group, tossing a Pokeball off the side of the boat.

    “Now I must depart,” she said, climbing over the railing. “The road to Kanto is long, and I am behind as it is. Stay strong, my brave nephews and friends,” she soothed, hopping over the railing and onto a massive sea behemoth. She shed her coat, thrusting it into the water, and postioning herself close to the enormous beast’s neck.
    She was riding a large, majestic Pokemon, with an elongated light blue neck and tail, four short blue fins, and a large gray body, seemingly built for travel. Lorelli was sitting between many grey protrusions that stuck from the body of the Pokemon, Lapras.

    The Pokemon took off, leaving an angled wake from its back. It scurried towards the ever growing mountain top appearing off of the horizon.

    He walked back to the table, and sat down. Boredom. In order to avoid dosing off, he pulled out his old, hand-me-down Pokedex, and scanned Eevee, who was now sitting on his lap.

    Hell of a list
    , he thought, and he scrolled down. Tackle, Quick Attack, Bite, Sand Attack, Helping Hand, Shadow Ball, and Psybeam? Since when does Eevee learn Psybeam? He was taken aback by the sheer impossibility of this. How could Eevee, a normal pokemon, learn Psybeam, a psychic attack? Could it possibly be inherited by its mother?

    His thoughts were interrupted by Lindsey, as she sat beside him, clutching her Eevee.
    “How long until we get there?” she asked, rather puzzled.

    John looked at the island in the distance. The auburn colored mountain became closer and closer with each minute, and by now, was fully visible. The rusty red stones that coated the mountain reflected the suns rays, obscuring visibility. He was able to make out a small rectangle on the face of the volcano, however. The remainder of the island, which was just peaking over the horizon, looked populated. Many buildings looked familiar, one in particular resembling a Pokemon Center, situated in the middle. A tiny dock now became visible. “Judging by the horizon, I would say around 10 minutes,” he replied, looking around at his friends, who had obviously noted their proximity to the island.

    “I would like to get there first, so we can get off this damn boat as soon as possible,” he said cheerfully, yanking Lindsey’s hand and motioning for his friends to follow. They ran towards the unloading ramp in earnest.

    The run turned into a brisk walk, but regardless, they made it there first.

    “What’s the rush?” Lindsey asked. John immediately noticed he was still holding her hand, embarrassingly thrusting it out of his hand.

    He looked up, and the boat was just about to dock.

    “Well, Aunt Lorelli said she was going to capture the legendary birds right?” He asked the group, rhetorically.

    “Right,” they replied.

    “So if she wanted to capture Moltres, wouldn’t she be at Mount Ember soon?” He asked again.

    Their faces lit up, they had realized what the hurry was.


    The boat had docked, and as soon as the gates were open, the group nearly flew down the ramp. They were so happy, they bypassed lunch, instead opting to have a picnic on the beach about a mile away. They scurried as fast as they could towards the east side of the island. When they finally did reach their destinations, they fell into embraces with the warm golden sand.

    “Dude, we are finally here!” Joey yelled excitedly.

    The sand was piping hot, from the 95 degree temperatures that were seizing the area. The east side of the beach was generally for beachgoers only, not swimmers, as an incredibly strong current pumped between the islands at low tide. It was deemed a violent beach, which was quite ironic, because at that time, it was the epitome of tranquility.

    A soft wind enveloped them, working cohesively with the pounding waves to relax and calm the group. The seemingly gentle waves were beginning to give way to low tide, a rocky outcrop of land, discolored and covered in distasteful sea pokemon, such as the awkward sidestepping and gangly Krabby, and the horrific smelling and almost useless Clamperl. The sun was now high in the sky, indicating that it was probably noon, which was also part of the reason no one was at the beach.

    “Guys, we need to make it across to the other island before the tide, otherwise we need to wait another six hours.” John yelled, gaining the attention of his friends. Each of them had some kind of floral bathing suit on, save for Lindsey, who was a little clothes shy around four guys with raging hormones. The group made their way down the slopped beach, hopping around as the heated, grainy sand irritated their feet. Each dove into the water as soon as they reached the shoreline.

    Lindsey jumped into the water next to him, insighting a flurry of butterflies within his stomach. He yearned to show off, and being a stereotypical teenager, he dived under the water to see the sea floor. Lindsey joined him.

    The clear, beautiful waters of the Sevii Islands were renowned for their visibility. Its low salt content would not hurt your eyes, freeing you to gaze at the wondrous beauty that was the sea. Many water Pokemon were actually quite beautiful, and some began to swam around them. Cute, stationary rock like pokemon dotted the floor, their many protrusions moving slightly, and their faces giving them away. They were Corsola, awkward pokemon that disliked contact on land. Around them were petite, skinny fish, called Remoraid, which were incredibly bonny, and generally not hunted because of that.

    A colony of heart-shaped creatures approached and engulfed them. Pink and romantic, both John and Lindsey could not deny their significance. They looked at each other, endearingly, as the Luvdisc circled around them. It was a beautiful moment, but John could not help but notice he was drifting further from Lindsey. A slight tug that had been pulling on his leg intensified, dragging him down deeper, towards the incredibly dark area that led to the sea floor. Lindsey now seemed to be drifting effortlessly, or lifelessly, headed towards that abyss.

    John panicked, beginning to be swept up in the current. He dived further into the water, swimming with all his might and against all his instinct. He grabbed Lindsey’s hand, and gave her a thrust upward.

    He did not remember much after that.

    Six Hours Later

    He groaned, shifting on to his back. Tired, he rubbed his eyes and stretched. “What the hell happened?” He asked, yawning. “Where’s Lindsey?”

    “Right here!” Chimed a soothing voice above him. His eyes remained closed.

    “You okay?” He asked, reaching up, his hand touching the soft skin that was her chin.

    “I’m alright, it was you that I was worried about,“ she said.

    He opened his eyes and saw Lindsey standing above him. The sunset was casting a glowing silhouette around her. She offered him an arm to help him up, and he took it.
    She pulled him up and into her arms, squeezing him tightly.

    “Don’t you ever scare me like that, John Woodward,” she whispered into his ear.

    “I’m sorry,” he said, “but I couldn‘t of been unconscious for that long, right?” At this, she let go of him and began to explain.

    “You were for a few minutes, but then we got you up. Thankfully, we kept you breathing, but you were incredibly tired. The group said you didn’t get much sleep last night, so I let you sleep on the sand. Everyone else is about a mile due north of here. They set up camp for us and looked after our Pokemon, so I could stay with you,” she explained.

    “We can catch up with them later right? I kind of want to enjoy the sunset,” John said. Lindsey nodded, and they climbed aboard an enormous rock overlooking the coast. The island in which Kindle Road was on was vary narrow, and as such they could see both the east ant the west.

    They sat down, the large golden sun was halfway set. A small, thin cloud covered the top of the sun, causing red, orange, and yellow rays to pour from it.

    “Wow! That’s beautiful!” she exclaimed. She sat beside him shivering a bit.

    “I’m sorry I don’t have a sweatshirt, but we can keep each other warm.” he said, rather nervously. He lifted his arm and placed it around her. She cuddled up next to him, placing her head upon his shoulder.

    “Is this good?” she asked.

    “F-Fine” he said nervously. The moment was almost as romantic as their excursion with the Luvdisc.

    They talked four hours, about everything: school, friends, family, but the topic was drifting towards the inevitable question about their fight. It was John who asked it first.

    “What made you come with us?” he asked. “ You hated me in school.”

    She sighed, shifting her head to a better spot on his boney shoulder. “I never really hated you per se, we just had a rivalry. I dunno, I always felt threatened by you, if that helps…” she trailed off for a second, but regained her motivation and continued. “I always looked up too you, your dedication, your grades and such. I wanted to have the same resolve and the same grades as you did, I mean, I guess you could say I was jealous,” she finished.

    John chuckled. “Your jealous of me? You have so much more going for you. Your beautiful, smart, compassionate…” he trailed off, embarrassed.

    “Aww, thank you, that is very sweat.” she said cutely. She wrapped her arms around him with ease, and repositioned her head for a brief moment. She planted a soft kiss on his cheek, prompting him to blush a little. He adjusted his position as well, kissing her forehead, and squeezing her a little tighter.

    “You’re a very sweat boy,” she said, beginning to lift herself up. John did the same, yet she stayed in his arms. The two moved forward in a walking embrace, making their way towards camp.

    Both were quite tired, and said little on the walk home, savoring their time together, in each others arms.


    When the time came and they arrived in camp, a little awkward tension began to build. Each found themselves wondering how to say goodnight, and if that act would lead to a kiss.

    They would soon find out. Outside of Lindsey’s pink tent, they let go of their embrace, and faced each other. She grasped his hands, and looked into his eyes, trying to sense what he was about to do. He satisfied her, slowly moving his head towards hers, as if timidly.

    She did the same, and their lips met for a brief second.

    They pulled back, embarrassed. Each ran into their respective tents immediately, hoping their friends did not see.

    To be Continued….

    I have three one-shots, one pretaining to the romance here, which is a prequel to this fic, and one regarding my take on Christmas in the Pokemon world. (That one is a spinoff.) The other is a history epic detailing a battle fought by John's ancestor. (Another spinoff.)

    The Sevii Islands Saga
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