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Done, Kev XY.

Anyways... I'm now a Beta Reader as well, people. After I got myself approved by Astinus, of course. I'm PMing a few of you, so if you want me to take you one, check your PMs. GGoing to take some of you who have been waiting a while, so that there are less clients waiting. Can't take you all on though. >_< (Six is WAY too much considering I have betas elsewhere as well. And some of you wouldn't fit my category as well - don't want to offer advice when someone can do a much better job of it... I'll play to my strengths).

Anyways, my profile:
bobandbill - Grammar/Language/Proofreader Beta Reader - BACK-UP BETA READER) - OPEN (approved by Astinus)

Genre specialty: Any, but have mostly have done OT fics. Also do comedy.
Preferred method of contact: PM for initial contact, send documents via e-mail though.
Examples of writing: Check my sig - two banners link to my two stories.
Examples of reviews/beta-reports: All three of these are reviews:
'Their Villainy Must Go On'
'An Everlasting Love'
'Stars' (link to another forum - sppf O_O)
Strengths/weaknesses (optional):
I consider myself good at finding mistakes in betaing (although admittedly I fail at this for my own works >_<). I tend to go over each line/paragaph one by one after reading, and adding my findings or comments underneath each one, explaining why the mistake is a mistake as well, or simply offering suggestions or commenting. In beta reading, I'm good at focusing on finding grammatical/spelling errors, dialogue, pacing and description. I'm not so good judge on plot and characters, although I feel I know how to offer advice on improving one, or commenting on whether one needs work or not. And I tend to find plotholes.

I'm not quite the quickest Beta Reader at times, but I do try to get my job done within the week for each chapter. I also will comment on anything that comes to mind upon reading the chapter, no matter what aspect. However that also mean I may harp on a bit, or over-analyse things.

Just so you know.
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