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    Originally Posted by h POKE View Post
    Can't say as I'm much of a fan of either of you're two new sprites. The first one (Brailip) doesn't benefit from the large brain protruding from it...
    The other one, seems to not be sprited from the right angle. The drawing looks like a real pokemon, but the actual product disappoints, in my opinion.
    Also, the animation for Brailip looks like something straight from Crystal. Mixing the styles of the different generations seems to be a theme in the game, but are you sure you're not taking it too far?
    1- It isnt a brain protruding from brailip, its a Brain Coral (Wiki)
    2- Please tell me which parts you think were drawn wrong so we can correct it.
    3- How many times I will have to say that the animation was something that Zorin did just for fun, and it isnt supposed to appear in the game. I liked it and posted it here!
    4- Its nearly impossible to have a fangame that has more than one spriter to has its fakemon looking like it was done from only one person.

    Is that difference between fr/lg and r/s sprite styles too big for you?