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Title of Story: Pokemon Coordinator Journeys

Fandom: Pokemon

Plot summary: I am writting this fic all because I wanted to be a pokemon coordinator all my life. I always wondered what it would be like to enter Pokemon contests, and earn ribbons. If the pokemon world was real, and was the world we live in, I'd be a Pokemon Coordinator. This fic starts in Kanto. Yes, if you watched Battle Frontier you'd know there are contests in Kanto. My character Kairi travals around with a pokemon trainer called Sora. Sora wants to be a pokemon master, and Kairi wants to be a Master Coordinator just like her mother. No, this isn't a crossover of Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon I'm just using those names for oc Pokemon characters. Also this is an all oc trainer/coordinator fic, as this is based off of the games not the show,but the coordinator matches are still like the show though.

Genre: Original Trainer/Original Coordinator

Rating (PG, R, etc): PG13

Type of mentor needed: Proff read, plot read, and even though, the top says people don't do this, grammer and spelling is what I need help with the most. Could someone at least try, please

Writing sample of story:

Kairi had just turned 10 that morning. She was so excited. Today was going to be the day when she got her first pokemon, from Professor Oak. She couldn't wait. Kairi made up her bed, put on her favorite outfit, brushed her teeth and went downstairs to eat breakfast,"Good morning mom."

"Good morning, Kairi dear," her mother said, looking up at her. Kairi sit down to eat a bowl of Cereal. "Kairi, I got you something at the Mart today for your journey," her mother told her as she watched her eat.

"Really? What is it?" Kairi asked getting very excited.

"It's a Pokegear. It has everything in it that you'll need on your journey. It has maps, of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Shinnoh. Plus it also displays the time for you, and it has a telephone as well. The best part is it, stores all your items and money in it." Her mother repiled.

"Gee, thanks Mom." Kairi said, taking the pokegear, and straping it onto her arm. "This'll be a big help."

"You better get going to Pallet Town or you'll be late getting your first pokemon," her mother reminded her.

"Ok, bye mom." Kairi said. She Kissed her mother on the cheek and went outback to get her bicycle and ride to the harbor to take a ship to Kanto.

Kairi pays for her ticket and gets on board the ship. She parked her bike in her room, and stood on the ship looking out over the water,'I can hardly wait till I get to Kanto.' She thought, grinning.

As soon as she made it to the harbor, she rode her bicycle into Pallet Town. She walked up to the professor's door and knocked. He answered it,"Hi. I'm here for my first Pokemon." The Professor stared at her,"Ah, you must be Kairi. Come in, come in."

The Professor led Kairi into the lab. He showed her all the starter choices. It was a hard choice but Kairi decided to go with the Pichu. She decided to let Pichu walk outside its ball with her, well ride in her bike basket anyway. The professor, gave her six pokeballs, and a pokedex, and sent her on her way.

Kairi put Pichu in the bike basket, and checked her map,"Ok, Viridian City's that way." She got on her bike and peddled down Route 1. This is just the beginning her adventures with Pichu. Kairi hopes to make great friends and pokemon, and become a top coordinator like her mother. That all lies in the future for now.

Other: Oh, this is a OC/OC pairing story.

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