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In this thread, I will post the Pokemon of the day. You're free to post any comment or question about the Pokemon, but state what Pokemon you are asking about.

December 24, 2008 Pokemon #1 JACKOLANTO Type: Grass #: 143
Pokedex Entry: This Pokemon likes to come out at night. It scares children by changing it's facial expression to the child's worst fear.
Pumpkin Pokemon Height: 2'3" Weight: 7.1 lbs. Evolutions: 2

December 25, 2008 Pokemon #2 SANDUNE Type: Ground/Rock #: 131
Pokedex Entry: While it usually travels in groups, some will travel alone while hunting for food. They find unsuspecting travelers and drag them into the sand below.
Desert Pokemon Height: 7'11" Weight: 456.3 lbs. Evolutions: None

December 26, 2008 Pokemon #3 TARR Type: Poisin/Fire #: 113
Pokedex Entry: It slowly moves around, trapping foes within it's sticky body. It then catches on fire, burning its victim.
Sticky Pokemon Height: 6'1" Weight: 142.5 lbs. Evolutions: From MUK when leveled up in Dirgo Pits

December 27, 2008 Pokemon #4 MOSSART Type: Grass/Steel #: 003
Pokedex Entry: While normally a slow Pokemon, MOSSART can be swift in battle. They don't fight often, and are easily mistaken for a moss-covered rock.
Moss Giant Pokemon Height: 6'6" Weight: 321.2 lbs. Evolutions: Evolves from MOSSAIC at Level 34

December 28, 2008 Pokemon #5 JOKARD Type: Psychic/Virus #: 103
Pokedex Entry: JOKARD are unpredictable, being anywhere from the size of a playing card to the size of a skyscraper. They are usually found in the Game Corner, infecting the machinery.
Card Pokemon Height: ??? Weight: 0.7 lbs. Evolutions: None

December 29, 2008 Pokemon #6 IGNISTONE Type: Fire/Rock #: 004
Pokedex Entry: This Pokemon is often found in mountains, where it lives far away from cities. It hates most noises, which is why it is rarely seen in the wild.
Igneous Pokemon Height: 0'11" Weight: 2.6 lbs. Evolutions: 2

December 30, 2008 Pokemon #7 TADRIZZLE Type: Water #: 007
Pokedex Entry: It is found in shallow pools of water, swimming in circles. It becomes ver active during rainstorms, where it is most likely to evolve.
Tadpole Pokemon Height: 1'00" Weight: 1.2 lbs. Evolutions: 2

Decembre 31, 2008 Pokemon #8 SQUINYANG Type: Water/Light #: 039
Pokedex Entry: SQUINYANG is a unique Pokemon, as it can live in any body of water. Although a newly discovered Pokemon, it is already endangered because of water pollution.
Squid Pokemon Height: 14'7" Weight: 137.9 lbs. Evolutions: Evolves from SQUINKY at level 42

January 1, 2009 Pokemon #9 NIMBINE Type: Flying #: 100
Pokedex Entry: NIMBINE float throuhg the clouds, watching everything that happens below them. It rarely comes down, and they are found most often in the Dirgo Sky Temple.
Cloud Pokemon Height: 8'2" Weight: 3.1 lbs. Evolutions: None

January 5, 2009 Pokemon #10 VOOGLUE Type: Poison/Psychic #: ???
Pokedex Entry: VOOGLUE are a rare type of Pokemon, staying in solitude most of their lives. They create dolls in the likeness of their enemies and use voodoo to damage them.
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