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Originally Posted by Stalin Malone View Post
South Rijon is this Rijonadventures only place correct?
Yes it is. It won't be in Prism.

Originally Posted by insectduel View Post
I wonder if you have any plans to port the English to the Japanese version of Rijonadventures if the final version is completed. I think I should do the project once it's done. I just need someone to translate the text to Japanese while I port all scripts and maps.
In due time, I intend to start the port work myself. I'm working on the cores for the Japanese translation.

Originally Posted by dwnxo1 View Post
but naljo will eventually be in rijon adventures right?
No. Naljo remains a part of Prism only, at least for now. There are no plans to include Naljo in rijonAdventures.

Originally Posted by EngelDerRisse View Post
Just started playing this one, and so far all is well, haven't had any problems, and I like the change of the new Prof. being a girl.
Then you may like the character design I have planned for her.

Originally Posted by BlazeTehKin View Post
Will the S.S.Marina be accessible in the Christmas beta? Congrats for Hack of the year, the hack is like a mix of all four generations.
Why do you even know of the S.S. Marina's existence? D;

(Nonetheless, it won't be accessible until the South Rijon quest.)

Originally Posted by Nine-Tailed Assassin View Post
nice hack

u dont have a titlescreen yet?
The title screen is on my lowest of priorities. The December 25 beta will include features of my higher priorities.
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