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    Originally Posted by Zorin View Post
    RSE sprites are actually almost the same in style as FR/LG, unless you were talking about the tiles.
    I'm talking about the tiles, which are noticably "flatter" and more 2D then their FR/LG counterparts. They also use a slightly diffrent colouring scheme.

    As for the scratch sprites, please say which ones you think are bad and why. Many are being revamped already.
    In my honest opinion, the majority of the scratch sprites just don't seem up to par. Both in design and in their actual sprite quality, they don't look for a minute like that could pass as real Pokémon. Mind you, I just have a thing against Fakemon, so don't let my words discourage you.

    As for the Brailip subject, I think it'd look much better if the Brain coral extended down his body, or was a different color. At the moment it looks exactly like a brain and it doesn't look like a Pokemon at all.