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    Originally Posted by .Phones View Post

    You were found as a baby abandoned What, are you the 'chosen one'? Or did your parents just not want you? Adption agencies not exist? in the Brook Forest, a man, Professor Shane Is a Shane a tree? I don't think so...good., found you and took you in, he gave you a place to live, food, he was like a father to you How old is/was he? . But he kept two secrets, one: he was not your real father No mommy, then? Nerd..., two: He was a member of the watchers Now you gotta tell me what the watchers are....
    One day, he never came back to the house, you guess he was just running late, until you see an email on his computer.

    (I'm not saying what it says xD) Why not?! The world ain't runnin' on suspense...
    You become devistated, all you want is to avenge Shane So he's dead? And how foolish for a person as apparently important as him to leave his personal e-mail unprotected..., so you grab your eevee ...meh. and run, you run until you finally find the watchers, you beg them to let you join, and they except, this is where the story begins. ...what of the game plot, then? Just because there's a backstory does not have me convinced that there's enough here to fill an entire game plot...

    The watchers
    A group that helps to keep the peace, each is assigned to a town, but the most skilled roam around the region defeating people that put a threat to all you reside in the regions. So they're just a police force?

    3. Traveling, across not just one but 3 regions. Isn't that overkill...? How will you keep the plot runing that long? How will the players not get bored of finding the same pkmn over and over again?
    Refer to the blacks above...
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