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Well, while my dad and his employees enjoy their Christmas Party(which I never expected my dad to be great at parties), I did some updates since our shop is closed for the day and I'm FFFFFFFRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :D


I have added some caves for you to enter Mineral Cave. And as you can see, I am done mapping Fortune Valley South. It took me an hour or so to finish mapping Mineral Cave's main floor, though, but it was fun.
I was planning on making it more tougher and more bigger, but meh~

Mineral Cave is a series of caves below the surface of the Hevah region, which through time, became big and wide and it connected all caves in the region.

I will be adding some boulders and rocks which requires STRENGTH and ROCK SMASH in that cave, soon~


I forgot the new banner I made a while ago...


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Aww... My favs...
That's a lot!
eheheheh... yah, 16+...

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LoG was awesome, i played and i got quite amused by it, and the story, truly amazing, kudos to you DJG! 5/5, waiting for the next beta
thank you~

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