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    Today is a special day. Day that only comes once a year. I like to think back to the past on this day, and think of all the new things that come. Long ago on this very day the world was changed. Something new was brought into the world. Many consider it a miracle. Ever since that time, people have thought about that miracle with joy in their eyes. Truly mankind was bettered by this thing.

    Now long after it, I celebrate this time with all my heart. I think about those who don't believe in that miracle, and see it as nothing, and I almost question it. How could they not enjoy it? Well I try to forget that though, not to let myself down.

    They say that on this day is the day for sharing and caring. I agree with that. Truly this day is very much about sharing. It's about letting your friends, family, and those less fortunate to all join together in harmony.

    Yes, many days ago on this same day it all began. I think it would be proper for us to stop and think about that moment in time. How it has effected us so dearly...

    I of course have been referring to my splices this whole time. That's right everyone, one year ago as of today I first started and debuted my splices. Apparently I had nothing better to do on Christmas than to sit around and combine Pokemon. Also not to long ago you may recall I posted my 40th sheet. Now I see this is a good accomplishment. In one year I've made 40 sheets of splices, at least about 6 on each sheet. I've made well over 240 splices that means. Well if you remember some time back, when I hit the 20 mark, I made a special sheet to show off the things that I adored and things I thought didn't' get enough spot light. So here it is:

    Well I hope you all enjoy this little treat. I know it's not much, but I mean I think it's a nice way to celebrate =P
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