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    so i made this pokemart


    #org 0x39D454
    msgbox 0x823CFFC '"Welcome!\pHow may I serve you?"
    pokemart 0x8380A78
    msgbox 0x823DA5C '"Please come again!"
    callstd 0x4

    ' MartItems
    #org 0x380A78
    #raw word 5D
    #raw word 5E
    #raw word 5F
    #raw word 60
    #raw word 61
    #raw word 62
    #raw word 1
    #raw word 5
    #raw word C
    #raw word 0

    ' Strings
    #org 0x23CFFC
    = Welcome!\pHow may I serve you?

    #org 0x23DA5C
    = Please come again!

    it works perfect, except when you enter the buy or sell menu, and then exit the conversation, you control the mart guy until you enter a building. its really wierd and im not sure if its the script or what.
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