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    You are a pokemon watcher, and you have just started out on your pokemon journey. Professor Oak has requested that you scout the newly discovered land for new pokemon. This land is called Rennoh(?), and, equipped with your sketchbook, you embark on a journey that will bring you fame as the greatest pokemon watcher.
    You must battle most pokemon to obtain a picture of it, gaining money from professor oak when a picture is completed. When in a battle, use your sketchbook after the wild pokemon's attack to draw its picture.
    it will be like catching a pokemon but with your sketchbook and it will say sketched a rattata! or something and then will say adding sketch to album instead of adding rattatas data to the pokedex.

    Pokedex's image will be edited to a sketchbook.
    Your bag will be a messenger bag.
    Each pokemon will have two or three versions of it such as its 'shiny' looking exactly the same and using a different technique to make a different sketch of it in the album. The pokemon will only know one move but you will be able to teach it its regular moves when you catch it.

    You can still catch the pokemon.
    Some pokemon will require you to use your pokeflute or ocarina to awaken it or recieve its attention.
    Tell me what you think of it as a continuation of pokemon snap from nintendo 64.
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