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Originally Posted by supershadow View Post
no it is stated as AREA UNKNOWN but i saw him once more again ! (im playing at VBA )
And what do you do after you beat RIVAL RICHARD ? Is that the end of the beta ?
you are only suppose to see Felinar twice... :\
also, yes, the is the end of the beta, sadly~

Originally Posted by Da Man View Post
Will Team Go-Getters and maybe the hero of RoL make a apperance of some sort in LoG?
If LoG takes place after the last 2 hacks then it be nice to know what happened to them.
Team Go-Getters will be in LoG, but I am not sure about RoL as of now, but Diark and Blitz will be in LoG, though...
Since Diark is the inspiration of the leader of the Dark Organization...

Originally Posted by пзо View Post
I Can tell when I see FM's work. (Coz he makes a Logo, and a Logo with pokemon)
I like the colour scheme by the way. its green like mine! xD
This hack is good. and Like shiny gold, its a hack worth Regestering for.

Good luck Jagold!
thank you and yeah, FM is a great artist.
also, green's my favorite colour, and I think you can see that...

Originally Posted by NecroFlame View Post
Thank you, Jagold!
I've been waiting to see this for a while now! I'll be checking out right away.
Btw, congrats on your HoTY awards for RD-RR. <3

Might as well could use some help, hehe.
Well, I just defeated Richard. Now, what do I do next? Is this where the Beta ends or do I need to find the Go-goggles? If so, where do I find them?
Sorry for the long complex question, I just found myself stuck, heh.
So far, this hack is amazing. Best of luck with the rest!
thanks so much and yeah, it's the end of the beta.

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