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Originally Posted by Teruri View Post
Yes, it works. ^^I also made a somewhat bigger script:
Your dad ask you if you need pokéballs. If you answer yes, he will give you 5. If you say no, he says something along the lines of: Ok, just say so when you need them. A flag is set so you can only do it once.

However, I still need some help:

- Trainerbattle, How does it work? I changed an empty trainer with HackMew's A-trainer. How Can I place this trainer on a route? I studied a trainer a bit, but it was very confusing with alot offsets! You should make a tutorial on it.
- How can you make someone heal your pokémon? I guess it's something with special cause that's what I saw in a PokéCenter script.
My I suggest you decompile some in-game scripts with the newest XSE?
I've updated the guide a lot as well.

Like I said in the other thread, I suggest the author downloading latest XSE and adjusting the whole post to adjust or remove anything that's outdated, wrong or misleading. Thanks in advance.