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    This Thread has been copied from Pokemon Acanthite Forum.
    1. About the game.
    2. Story
    3. Team
    4. Features
    5. Screenshots
    6. Credits
    7. News
    8. Alpha/Beta
    9. Wanted
    10. Endspeech
    About the Game
    Made in: RPG Maker XP
    Created by: yaN!s/pokehacker88
    Started: 27.11.08
    Base: Pokemon Essantials
    Language: English/German
    One Day in SYNEY, your hometown, your mum tells you to go to PROF. Grade. He has a Pokemon for you. You stand in front of his Lab and suddenly an Eartquake breaks out. After that Earthquake PROF. Grade gives you your Pokemon. He tells you that you must go to Silvar, a little Town in the south, to search the brand new POKEDEX from an old man names TENGA. On your way to Silvar 2 Grunts of Team Galactic don't let you pass to ROUTE 90. You must battle them. 1 vs. 2 ?Thats not fair!
    Suddenly your Rival come and helps you. After you defeat the Grunts you search the POKEDEX from TENGA. He tells you to go in the direction of the CHAOS MOUNTAIN, where some odd Shadows have been seen...

    Explanation of some Charakters:
    Prof. Grade:
    Prof. Grade was going to school in Kanto with Prof. Oak.
    He developed the Pokedex with him.
    Tenga is an old Proffessor who helped Prof. Grade to add new
    functions to the Pokedex. Prof. Grade don't have the new Pokedex
    because of an earthquake.
    Your Rival John:
    John is the Champion of Hoenn. He is your cousin, a really excited
    Pokemon Trainer with much experience.
    Team Galactic:
    2 years later Team Galactic came to Soala because of the defeat
    in Diamond/Pearl vs. the Hero. Cyrus is not longer the Boss. The
    new Boss, Zeriod, will catch Dialga, to go in the past to prevent
    that Arceus can create the Universum.

    yaN!s/pokehacker88= Project Director, Mapper, Spriter, Idealist, Story, Custom Indoor tiles
    Shanty96= Spriter, Graphic Designer
    Nytkoi= Graphic Designer, Story
    Yellow_Lover=Graphic Designer
    *We need a Team, look at Wanted*
    -Brand new Region Soala
    -New Pokemon(Fakemon Spriter needed)
    -All Pokemon Catchable
    -The Pokemon Ranger will be part of the Story
    -Mailing and Phone System(Scripters needed)
    -You can walk trough the time
    -New Characters(e.g Sir Aaron)
    -Team Galactic is now in Soala
    Here are some Screenshots

    -Flameguru andPoccils for Pokemon Essantials
    -Kyledove for the Custom Sinnoh Tiles and the palettes
    -Kyledove for the Heroes
    -WAH for Overworlds/Tiles
    -Omega Groudon because he is an inspiration to all Game Makers.
    -vgmusic for the Midis
    -Nintendo for Pokemon
    [28.12.08]Finish to mapped the biggest City of Soala.
    [29.12.08]Nytkoi joined as Graphic Designer and Storymaker. Thanks!
    Don't ask for releases.
    None yet...
    Red=Really Needed
    Blue=Not a musthave
    Green=Not so important

    2-3 Scripter
    2 Indoor Tile Artist
    1-2 Spriter
    1 Graphics Designer
    2 Fakemon Designer
    1 Story Maker
    1-2 Beta Tester
    That's it. Kritism is welcome.
    And sorry for my bad english, i'm German.

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