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    A'right, time for a critting...
    Originally Posted by Spoiler
    After failing miserably to catch Dialga and Palkia, team Galaxy Huh? What happened to Team Galactic? is at it again - but for who,what,and where You had better have answers for that...they're dissolved for the most part.??? You need to bring team Galaxy down(Yet again) and with recent climate changes it won't be that easy Okay, so buy an umbrella...or go t0o Hoenn and steal one from a Parasol Lady (or whatever that trainer class is called).. Preparing for your journey you have no choice but to change your suit because of a new icy climate in the area,where the rumered Team Galaxy are supposedly heading to Why is that your business? Your goal was to complete Rowan's pkdex, not to go crimefighting....Battle your way through sinnoh and keep earning up your badges A new set of badges? Doing all eight of the same ones would get boring...and we know that there are >8 badges per region 'cause of all of the different Kanto badges we've seen thus far. Take a location from the anime or something... because after winning the elite 4 you hear of brand new areas such as Johto, and Kanto Just being available to go to. A)so we're not in Sinnoh at all? B)you're seriously having all of those regions? C)how can you keep gameplay interesting while covering so much area? D)can you write an elegant-enough story to prevent pointless adventuring?

    A boat comes in at canalave city and the sailor will allow you on to his ship as he rambles on about a new evil team somewhere in the Johto region Wouldn't it work better for you to be speaking to Jasmine in Sunyshore about this? It IS a port (isn't it?), so it would not be a crime to stick a ferry there...... the location and true identities of this evil team are currently unknown to anyone Team Galaxy? .Johto has had ratical redesign What's with people altering Johto? Just add a few towns... so their location won't be any ordinary picnic to find.So you sail onward to Johto and when you get there there's proffessor Elm in his lab ...wouldn't you end up in Olivine? Long trek if you ask me..., busy as ever, tells you to choose a pokemon(same pokemon as in GCS Nom, it ain't. He gives you a pkmn in GSC 'cause you need it to successfully and safely complete his errand to Mr. Pokemon. He had a reason to give it to you last time. Does he have the same selfish motives this time? He's a researcher, not a charity service...).Choose wisely as you will not be given a second or even a third one very easily.... After you choose, you are free to roam around Johto and explore the wonderous region!

    But before that you have to be careful of new suprises. Pokemon are now needing to change (due to new climate) Can you explain the climate differences? Or is this just a facsimile of Pt without sufficient though-over-ness?, and the people are getting stronger as well. Are you sure you can manage all this in sinnoh ...but we're in Johto.?? People around different places may have hints of to where Team Galaxy is going Why are you tailing them? The hero of DPPt was completing Rowan's dex. What does that mission have to do with collecting Johto badges or tailing Team Galaxy? Is there a reason at all?, but nobody knows for sure...Can you find out where Team Galaxy is headed to this time? What are they scheming, and what pokemon are they after now? ...*a few short blinks*

    Venturing all over the pokemon world, with a load of enemies, and friends is the key. Talk around town to learn cool things that just might save you later...but be cautious some people you talk to may be there...but not after you talk to them.Heed this warning: for whom you may think is the way won't be here to stay. On a final Question, will you be able to take down team Galaxy and all the other evil organizations You mean there're more? Why? once and for all(or so as everything in the pokemon world seems)?
    ...[/primarilybackstory] What happens in the actual game plotwise (garnering Johto badges doesn't really cut it...that's boring)? Or is that 'confidential'...?
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