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    Alright, now that I've taken a bit more of a look at this game, I think I can make a nicer opinion of it.
    Maps: They're... pretty much standard for what you might see in a DPPt kind of a game. If only to increase the interest and play value of the game, open up those paths to let the character walk around a bit more.
    Battle System: What you might expect. As for the trainer backsprite, I assume you'll be changing that soon, correct? The one thing I don't understand is the obsession with a dual-toned battle message box. Go with a single toned box if you want a more professional (or at least true to pokemon) look.
    Ow's: One thing I rarely see that could make many Ow's look a lot better is a shadow. That alone would make the outline contrast less harshly with the ground (as you can see from your character).
    Story: Not my style, but, if you're going for a standard pokemon story, be my guest...
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