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    *copies other people's criticism styles*
    One Day in SYNEY , your hometown, your mum tells you to go to PROF. Grade. He has a Pokemon for you. Why does he have a Pokémon for you? You stand in front of his Lab and suddenly an Eartquake breaks out. Again, why does an earthquake happen?After that Earthquake PROF. Grade gives you your Pokemon. He tells you that you must go to Silvar, a little Town in the south, to search the brand new POKEDEX from an old man names TENGA. How did he get it? Why doesn't the Prof have one? On your way to Silvar 2 Grunts of Team Galactic What are Team Galactic doing outside of Sinnoh? don't let you pass to ROUTE 90. You must battle them. 1 vs. 2 ?Thats not fair!
    Suddenly your Rival come and helps you. After you defeat the Grunts you search the POKEDEX from TENGA. He tells you to go in the direction of the CHAOS MOUNTAIN not a very imaginative name..., where some odd Shadows have been seen... Why you? Can't he go himself?
    Oh, and don't use capitals for whole words, at least in the description; it's hard to read, especially when you have things like 'PROF. Grade'.

    As for the features, most of them I wouldn't really consider as 'features'. Time travel (?) sounds interesting, though... But what does it have to do with the story?
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