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    Originally Posted by pokehacker88 View Post
    This Thread has been copied from Pokemon Acanthite Forum. It hasn't been tainted, has it?

    One Day in SYNEY Ahh, all caps, derived from somewhere?, your hometown, your mum tells you to go to PROF. Grade Grade tree seeds 8D.... He has a Pokemon for you Why? For what purpose? What does the professor get out of the act (these people are selfish even though they appear selfless)?. You stand in front of his Lab and suddenly an Eartquake breaks out. After that Earthquake PROF. Grade gives you your Pokemon Anticlimax ftl.... He tells you that you must go to Silvar Sounds like a comic villain xD..., a little Town in the south, to search the brand new POKEDEX from an old man names TENGA What parent in their right mind would name their kid THAT?. On your way to Silvar 2 Grunts of Team Galactic flag. Where are we in the continuity? What continuity are we in? What are TG's goals? Why are they here? What does this have to do with Cyrus's vision of a new world?! Is the only reason they're here that they were the newest evil team thus far? don't let you pass to ROUTE 90. You must battle them. 1 vs. 2 ?Thats not fair Too bad, life's not fair...!
    Suddenly your Rival come and helps you ...I was hoping you were serious <<.... After you defeat the Grunts you search the POKEDEX from TENGA Where did he get it? Why does he have it? Why do you now have it?. He tells you to go in the direction of the CHAOS MOUNTAIN ...uhhhh, yeah..., where some odd Shadows have been seen...

    -Brand new Region Soala
    -New Pokemon(Fakemon Spriter needed)
    -All Pokemon Catchable It's overkill...gameplay won't last that long.
    -The Pokemon Ranger will be part of the Story
    -Mailing and Phone System(Scripters needed)
    -You can walk trough the time What in the name of Arceus does that mean?
    -New Characters(e.g Sir Aaron) Why is Sir Aaron popular these days? I mean, he's a nice hero, but he had his splendour already...wait, that means we're in the past. TG can't exist.
    -Team Galactic is now in Soala You had better have a thorough explanation for this, if not, you have some reconsidering to do...
    1 Story Maker ...the story is the most important part. 9/10 of your eggs should go in that basket...
    That's it. Kritism I prefer to say Critting, but to each his own slang... is welcome.
    And sorry for my bad english, i'm German Cool, but the only German word I ever need to know is kuchen....
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