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    Uhh, comments in uh-bold...
    Originally Posted by NitroF View Post
    ~ PoKeCoNnEcTiOn ~ Back In Sinnoh ~
    That's the title? Connection? Okaaaaay...

    It's a few years into the future, Jovi and Michael have been through alot fighting the Gale Of Darkness, Shadow Lugia What does this XD have to do with Sinnoh?. And going through missions through the Orre region. But, in a few years into the future, they come across to Sinnoh Give me a reason, else this is forced.... A new region they had never known of before. But they never knew of Hoenn, Almia, Fiore, Johto and Kanto either...then why are they here? Anyway. Jovi and Michael want to be top trainers. So, under How do you go under and island? the islands of New Moon and Full Moon Full Moon Island is a dangerous place. I ask you to reconsider going there (unless it's a geographic refernce and nothing more)... is an island called 'The Academy Island' This smells like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.... It is a special school for trainers where there is a Pokemon Centre, a Pokemon Mart, Two Academy Houses that fit 7 [Seven] People in to sleep each and the Main Academy School What did I say?. Which is ofcourse the biggest place where the teachers are to teach you, and behind that is a big garden. So anyway, Jovi and Michael have to go along through school to become master trainers. Then, as you take the boat home you are struck by a strike of lightning... Its up to YOU to figure out how to get around. Is there any plot here, or is it primarily mindless in that department? What of school culture? You surely have some colourful students and faculty in mind because this will get boring really quickly if you do not include some eccentric personalities...

    ~About Sinnoh In The Future~
    Sinnoh is NOT a quiet place now. EVERYONE has changed. Everyone is older, everyone is different. Umm, and..did i remember seeing a NEW gymleader or two..maybe...four?. YES 12 [Twelve] Gymleaders now Dude, every region has more than eight--Bad to the Bone confirms that. Any more than eight is overkill, however.... Introducing Luis, David, Aleth and Grace. The type of pokemon they train is SECRET FOR NOW. Cynthia was beaten as the Elite 4 Leader That means that Aaron was canned and that he probably knocked a Gym leader off'a his/her post. Depends where you want his hometown to be.... Infact.. a 10 [Ten] year old beat her. His name is 'Autumn'. Autumn ofcourse, LOVES the season of Autumn and the nicely coloured leaves and such. But, he has a kind heart and means to hurt nobody. But, a force runs wild through Sinnoh, something is wrong with the Elite 4 That is?...Except for Autumn, he has to help Jovi and Michael to save the place. So, Sinnoh has upgraded PokeMarts, that look like REAL shopping marts. and Pokemon Centres look like REAL hospitals. Aswell as EVERYTHING else looking Spectacular.
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