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[Metal & Colour Generation]

Help Thread


Welcome to the Metal & Colour Generations Simple Question & Answer thread! <3 With the increase of threads popping up just to ask simple questions, I decided a thread specifically for that purpose might be helpful. It actually would have been up a while ago, but I was busy with other stuff . Anywho, I hope this thread will be helpful to many of you! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me :3 And yes, this is almost the exact same as the Advanced Generation thread XD;
So basically, just post asking whatever question you might have. Other members will come along and give you answers if there is one, and there you go! <3

→ This thread is for asking simple questions about any of the Metal & Colour Generation games (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal). If you have a question about any of the other games, check out their own respective forums.

→ Before posting in here, please check Google or a reliable Pokémon fansite for answers. It will be a lot faster.

→ All of the PokéCommunity rules apply to this thread.

→ Do not make a post asking why people haven't answered your question. Give it time, eventually somebody will come along and answer it.


December 28 2008
Lawl, as soon as I start the Advanced Generation thread a billion threads pop up in Metal & Colour 8( Just my luck.

Gold for gold and silver for... silver XD;


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