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@jaysonic: Lol, I like the 'actions' options. What happens if you abuse someone? Can you actually mug strangers?

If I knew how to code, I would probably be saying, "Look at my pretty maps that are going to be in my game." Instead, all I can say is "Look at my pretty maps that have no actual use." Maaybe someday. But probably not.

Based on a real place in Russia. If you've been there, you'll probably recognize it by the flower patterns and fountain. It's not quite finished around the edges, but the fence was such a pain that I declared it good enough for now.

Not very neat-looking, but I still like the effect, like the desert is encroaching on the road.


Plain ol' route. The brick bit on the right is a brick wall. Is that obvious enough? I'm not sure what to do with it.

Yes, that's a bottle on the right side, and there's probably a message in it. :-D The sunset is turning the water purple.

What programs do you guys use to make maps with? I'm using a really simple Java program, and it's kind of a pain.

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