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Originally Posted by pokehacker88 View Post
Team Galactic:
2 years later Team Galactic came to Soala because of the defeat
in Diamond/Pearl vs. the Hero. Cyrus is not longer the Boss. The
new Boss, Zeriod, will catch Dialga, to go in the past to prevent
that Arceus can create the Universum.
No...? Absolutely not. You've gotta do better or lose this idea because it just does not work. What became of Saturn? He's seen the error of Cyrus's ways; why would they go on with similar (yet different <<) plans? Where did Zeriod come from? Even if he pulled a Stalin-esque takeover, that does not eliminate Saturn. So unless you make this only a few months after DP and make TG split into two camps, Saturn+Zeriod (Saturn then chases after Zeriod and works closely with the player), I don't see how this could happen...
See, the issue is that you're using something pre-existing. Usually, it's elegance, but that's only if you can pull it off flawlessly. As of yet, there are holes...
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